About me

Tim’s good sense of people, his enthusiasm, and his ability to create a comfortable and easygoing atmosphere and infectious energy on set provide his films with the typical warmhearted and natural feel he is known for. His unpretentious style of directing makes actors as well as clients and agencies enjoy working with him. Tim’s focus lies in emotional storytelling with a smart sense of humor.

Tim was born in 1975 in the Western part of Berlin. Passing the Wall day after day, year after year, he was drawn to the Eastern part as soon as the Wall came down to discover a completely new world that was in the process of being reborn. He has always cherished the urge for reinvention and the unconventional vibe that are so unique for Berlin and he still lives here with his girlfriend and his two sons.

During his studies at the University of Arts in Berlin (Udk) he developed concepts for advertising agencies and freelanced as a graphic designer and illustrator. He always loved creating things, but his main interest lies in the collaborative process of creating something in unison with likeminded people. Tim’s passion for creative teamwork as well as visual creation made him aspire to become a director. In the course of one of his university classes he was able to participate in the Hennessy Awards, an annual German advertising festival, and won three years in a row (1998, 1999, 2000) for directing and script, which only solidified his desire to be a director.

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